Anderson Pulley Seals - Stop Drafts (Pack of 5 Pairs)

Anderson Pulley Seals are designed to Stop Window Pully Drafts! The pulley openings in double-hung window frames are a significant source of air leakage in older homes & other buildings. (You can easily feel the draft with your hand on a cold day.) Anderson Pulley Seals permanently stop this draft without affecting the operation of the window. Fitting snugly over pulley holes, each pair consists of two seals with an adhesive gasket backing and four (4) Phillips head screws. Easy to install and wonderfully effective! Available in two colors: Brown & White.

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Each pack includes 5 pairs of Pulley Seals with screws.

Please Note: Installation of pulley seals will reduce amount lower sash can be raised by about 2 inches.

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