Amazon Enviro-Magic Lemon Oil, 8 oz

Amazon Premium Products Enviro-Magic Lemon Oil is made with pure Brazilian lemon oil! A best seller, since 1978, our product is the real deal! Polishes and restores furniture, naturally. Most other so-called "lemon oil" polishes are simply mineral oil with a little yellow dye and lemon fragrance!! Also available in 16oz and gallon sizes. Please see Links below!

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About Amazon Premium Products
Amazon Premium Products is a small family-owned business, founded in 1978. APP works exclusively with small retailers who specialize in great customer care. That's why you'll never see their products on the shelves at big box store chains, such as Wal-Mart. Whenever possible, ingredients are purchased from the people of the Amazon basin, supporting sustainable agriculture, local economies, and the preservation of our rain forests. Never tested on animals, just like all of the products we offer.

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Amazon Enviro-Magic Lemon Oil, 8 oz LO08$8.49, 2/$15.90, 6/$45.66

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