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The Advance Centium 4x32w Low Watt Ballasts are great energy savers. Lightweight and compact design promotes flexibility and versatility. These "low watt" versions maximize your fixtures efficacy. The ballast’s programmed start lamp ignition provides extended lamp life in frequent switching applications and supports the frequent on/off cycles associated with the use of occupancy sensors and motion detectors.

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$$+ Power Points
  • Good for frequent on/off applications
  • Operates 75% quieter than conventional electromagnetic ballasts
  • Has high frequency operation eliminating 60 cycle lamp flicker
  • Has <10% THD - ideal for applications with stringent power quality requirements

    Ideal for applications requiring low harmonics and higher power quality.

  • Max THD: 10%
  • Lamp: 32w T8 (83 lm/w)
  • Configurations: 4 lamps
  • Watts: 50 watts of electricity
  • Lumens: 4,350 lumens of light
  • 87 lumens of light per watt

    Advance Centium 4x32w Low Watt Ballast ICN4P32LWSC 1060-258$21.45

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