AC DraftShield 14" x 14" Central AC Vent Cover

The AC DraftShield 14" x 14" Central AC Vent Cover CA1414 serves multi-purpose functions so you can safely rely on it to help you save on home energy costs, whether in winter or summer! Call it the "All Seasons Vent Cover". In winter the AC Draftshield keeps cold air from entering your home through your air conditioning ducts, keeping you warmer and eliminating drafts. Closing the louvers in your grilles won't stop airflow and associated heat loss because it's not a total seal. In summer the AC Draftshield can be used to "Zone Off" an unused room or rooms, reducing your energy spending and strengthening the air flow to more heavily used areas. Just think of the number of rooms you don't use on a regular basis, for one reason or another. Whether it is winter or summer, the AC Draftshield can prevent moisture from entering your AC system while it inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, substantially improving your home IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Please see links below for more energy saving solutions.

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