The Good News ... Feb. 28, 2009


Highlights from the Obama Administration's
greener budget proposals:

1. Economic recovery largely via Green Jobs creation

2. 34.6% increase in funding for Environmental Protection

3. More Green Energy (goal: double clean energy production over next three years)

4. $13B to begin High Speed Trains network

5. $130M to monitor wildlife, in light of climate change

6. Shift NASA's focus more towards monitoring global warming

7. Increase fuel economy standards, immediately

8. Focus on energy efficiency in government buildings and citizen homes

The Good News
The Obama Administration is taking on the existing economy, and putting Americans first (see my blog for more, link below). This leader is synergizing costs management and efficiency -- to inspire new standards of openness and integrity. Much of the 2010 budget: more for Public Health, more for the Poor, more for Vets, more for College Education, more for Job Safety, more for Homeland Security, more for the Census, more for non-military Foreign Aid ... puts human health and well-being first, and that's the core of a Green Revolution.

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whitehouse: Energy & Environment Agenda

Switching To Clean Energy
Switching To Clean Energy

Pursuing safe, clean, green sources of energy!

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