The Good News ... August 31, 2009

It's been an important time of change for the environment. Under new leadership the US government is now working (!) to develop cleaner, greener industry, military, governance, and jobs (a complete paradigm shift from the first 8 years of this decade). Meanwhile, American consumers continue the surge towards being the best stewards of Earth they can. Evenstill, these four stories are remarkable...

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1. Texas Wind -- lowering electricity prices
It's official. In Texas, Wind has become cheaper than natural gas -- and utilities across the state will have to "go clean" just to compete... What AMAZING news. Eco activists have been saying this moment would come for years, and now, according to The Wall Street Journal and world-renown Bernstein Research, it's here.

2. "Chevy Volt" -- will get 230 mpg
Did you see this???? GM is set to release this EV/hybrid sedan, off of American assembly lines, starting 2011. Summary: for $40k you'll be able to purchase a car that travels at highway speeds, looks cool, charges on a standard wall outlet (8hrs), and provides all the comforts of an average-sized vehicle. The cost to fill it's battery? $0.11 per gallon.

3. Obama Administration -- scrutinizing AG monopolies
Practically everyone loves food, and thanks to many, many amazing people the small farm movement is growing quickly. President Obama's antitrust division recently announced it will soon investigate those monopolies in American agriculture that are making it difficult for small (local, legacy, independent, and organic) farmers to stay in business.

4. Department of Defense -- Going Green
Yep. Not only is the Pentagon renovating its building according to LEED standards, the entire US Military is greening, primarily for security reasons... A few headlines (check the link below for more):
  • "Army on track to power Ft. Irwin with sunshine"
  • "Investing in conservation expected to save millions"
  • "Alternative energy revitalizes Afghan hospital"
  • "Navy reduces fuel consumption at sea"

    The Good News
    I think it's fair to say this was a good summer! Each of the stories above represents a paradigm change of unmeasurable potential: clean electricity being cheaper than fossil fuels, mainstream sedans that don't need gas, a Whitehouse Administration that's showing interest in restoring the human legacy of small farming business, and a United States Military that sees the value of becoming environmentally intelligent. At last, some Good Common Sense!

    Switch to Clean Electricity
    Speaking of Wind power - getting onto clean, American-made electricity is literally the best thing you can do for the environment and your country! The link below will take you to a nation-wide list of clean energy providers.

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    "Chevy Volt" -- will get 230 mpg

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    Obama Administration -- scrutinizing AG monopolies

    Switching To Clean Energy
    Switching To Clean Energy

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