THE GOOD NEWS ... June 2, 2008

There's a movement on the rise in America: children are becoming our most articulate sustainable living advocates. Clean energy, zero waste, zero toxicity, and resource preservation are not only important values to our kiddos - but are proving to be exciting and easy to grasp concepts.
Lil Peppi thanks his fans.

A Clean Planet
Some would call it idealism to be concerned with conserving water, recycling trash, reducing pollution or stopping global warming. Indeed, Americans live in an era where resources such as seafood are disappearing, childhood asthma is on the rise, the oceans are filling with plastic, and we're being told we'll have to wait 100 years for a clean energy economy (even as CO2 levels in the atmosphere reach 380 ppm+ for first time in scientific history).

After conducting a series of creative art projects with students aged 4 to 18, Chris Searles, founder of GoodCommonSense, was inspired by such maxims as:

"The sun makes electricity."

"Mother, please drive slower."

"We need the trees."


"Electric CARS NoW!

Such statements indicate not just an understanding of the eco-situation, even by 4 and 5 year olds, but a clear path into an environmentally sustainable economy.

The Good News
If kids can figure this stuff out ... why can't we do it? "Green Kids" will soon be a macro marketing trend. Large companies have much to gain by attaching themselves to a diverse, American youth empowered by eco literacy and fresh imaginations. At the same time, with the wonders of YouTube and the internet - today's kids can create unique content on their terms, building new social networks and giving us adults a look at their solutionism. Whether we like it or not, it's our parents lifetimes we Americans should be concerned about (not our children's children) and "Green Kids" know the way forward. Green Kids means Green Families, and green families will demand a bright, sensible, sustainable future that includes everyone.

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