TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... Dec. 31, 2006

The Good News 22: Positive Impacts

Good Common Sense Impacts
We're proud to bring you our second annual summary of the positive impacts achieved by our customers. Products purchased at Good Common Sense.Net between Jan. 1, 2006 & Dec 31, 2006 (today) are making an enormous difference in the immediate and future quality of life on this planet. We call this SUCCESS.

Here's what our customers have achieved in our second year of operations -

Customer purchases this year will save (over the next 25 years, minimum):
  • Over 8,260,750 gallons of water
  • Over $500,000 in long term energy & utility bill costs
  • Well Over 1,000,000 lbs of Global Warming & Air Pollution Gases

    Products diverted from landfills (over the long term), include:
  • Over 19,168 light bulbs & lighting-related products
  • Over 10,000 alkaline batteries

    Products diverted from landfills (this year), include:
  • Hundreds of lbs of paper
  • Hundreds of lbs of glass
  • Hundreds of lbs of poly-propylene plastics

    Also - Average long term savings per $1 spent on energy and/or water efficiency products is greater than $8 (based on aggregate of total sales).

    The Ultimate in Recycling
    Our recycled paper line is growing in popularity. Everything in our catalog at this time is 20% to 100% Post Consumer Waste recycled. We're proud of these products not just because their outstanding environmental benefits, but also because they are ALL of a better quality than wasteful virgin papers. By using our recycled paper products customers are saving energy, trees, & water.

    Our recycled plastic rugs have been "selling like hotcakes" because of their beauty, sturdy indoor/outdoor design, low price, recycled content, easdy clean up, and longevity. By purchasing these products customers are supporting fair trade labor practices as well as: keeping excess plastic out of the landfill, saving energy, and saving water. Get one!

    Finally, our "recycled" glass tumblers, goblets, and accesories are starting to take off. Made from reclaimed wine & beer bottles, these items are surely a treat. They feature thick, sturdy bottoms, conversation-starting designs, and will last for years. Purchasing these items saves lots of energy & water, while keeping thousands of lbs of virgin glass out of our landfills.

    An Education Note
    Good Common Sense sold numerous educational Books & DVDs in 2006. We also produced 5 sustainable living festivals, gave lectures and in-the-schools presentations, showed the videos for "Kilowatt Ours" & "Inconvenient Truth," and distributed hundreds of our informative "mini-books." Readership for our newsletter, "The Good News," continues to grow on a monthly basis... All in all, our mission of educating people about the benefits of energy & resource efficiency is fun, well-received, & in full effect!

    Future Goals, 2007
    In the coming year, we plan to dramatically increase our product offerings, redesign as much of the website as possible, & redouble our advocacy for clean energy and carbon offsets. (We hope you have already signed up for clean energy!) (If not see bottom of this page for link.)

    ...Thanks for reading!

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