Today's Good News ... Sept. 30, 2006

$3 Billion & Counting -- "We are very pleased today to be making a commitment to invest 100 percent of all future proceeds to the Virgin Group from our transportation interest, both our trains and airline businesses, into tackling global warming ... We must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the environment. We must hand it over to our children in as near pristine condition as we were lent it from our parents."

And with that, Sir Richard Branson capitalizes on an exciting new trend: one where multinational corporations, world politicians, and other global leaders align their strategic goals with the Earth's environmental needs.

Mr. Branson, CEO, The Virgin Group, has committed ALL of Virgin Rail & Air's projected next 10 years profit ($3 billion) to addressing climate change and developing profitable new businesses in as-yet-unseen industries. Symbolically this is the first BIG step towards a more sustainable form of Capitalism. It also tells us this concept of Global Warming has gone mainstream. Virgin's customers - millions around the world - want positive action and Branson knows it. The market for "healthy, sustainable" business is global, and furthermore, Mr. B has made Virgin serious about developing carbon-neutral transportation. Now Branson & Virgin enterprises must take on the world's fossil fuel providers, encouraging those entities to shift from a business that destroys our future to a world of carbon neutral sustainability... Sea change, that is.


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    Virgin Group is not the only uber economic juggernaut investing in environmental sustainability.
    Here's a short list of other exciting things happening:

    > bush administration committs $3B
    According to CNN, "Branson's announcement comes one day after the bush administration said it was committing $3 billion to climate technology research and development."

    > us air force nation's largest green power purchaser
    Weighing in at 1,066,397,000 watts displaced (2.3 times more than the next largest purchaser) - the United States Air Force has officially made 11% of its annual electricity use: green.
    learn more via the EPA -

    > interface plans carbon neutral by 2020
    Interface, Inc. - the world's largest provider of commercial carpeting, has a plan to make its entire multi national operations carbon neutral by 2020.

    > nokia raises the bar
    Nokia is leading a group of mobile phone manufacturers, network operators, suppliers, recyclers, consumer and environmental organizations, towards improving the environmental performance of mobile phones and raising consumer awareness in take-back and recycling.

    > walmart reducing impacts
    Walmart recently declared intention to "dramatically slash" packaging materials.

    > steelcase wins pollution award
    Steelcase Inc. just received the Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, the largest such organization in the U.S.

    > clinton global initiative beats fundraising goals
    The Clinton Global (Solutions) Initiative took in $7.3 billion in pledges 2 weeks ago, Their aims: ending poverty, global warming, and religious friction.
  • Read more here:

    > hopes to outperform
    GOOGLE's new NON-PROFIT,, plans to focus on world water supply & global warming solutions, as well as third world literacy, technology, and entreprenuership.

    > swiss re developing sector around global warming
    Swiss Re, one of the world's largest reinsurers, is developing a "Greenhouse Gas Risk Solutions unit" and offering structured products for emissions trading.

    > fortune 500 companies tracking CO2 emissions
    nearly 3/4s of The Fortune 500 are now tracking their greenhouse gas emissions ...
  • read more via ""

    > "vail resorts" goes carbon neutral
    Vail Resorts, Inc. has vaulted into the number two position for corporate buyers of green power by purchasing 152,000 megawatt-hours of wind power. The purchase will offset all the electricity used by the company, displacing the emission of 211 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Learn more about the Nation's top 25 green power buyers, via the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership

    > CDP's $31.5T study, pro carbon neutrality
    According to a new report by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a coalition of global investors with more than $31.5 trillion in assets, climate change has become a major concern among leading US financial institutions and companies.

    > first american insurance co. goes carbon neutral
    "Rutherfoord Insurance Co.," one of the nation's top 50 insurance brokers, is leading their industry towards sustainability.
  • Courtesy of our friends at the AHC Group -

    > climate neutral experts -- for businesses:
    ClimateBiz.Com is "the Business Resource in Climate Management." An incredible collection of topics, tools, and resources - specializing in the Aluminum, Agrilculture, Food, Forestry, Steel, Transportation, and Small Business sectors.

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    America is getting its stuff together... Our nation boasts some of the world's most viable renewable energy resources, enough to meet all of our nation's energy demands, forever (via

    FACT! - 46 & COUNTING...
  • All but four U.S. states now have incentives in place to promote renewable energy, while more than a dozen have enacted new renewable energy laws in the past few years, and four states strengthened their targets in 2005.

  • California gets 31 percent of its electricity from renewable resources; 12 percent of this comes from non-hydro sources such as wind and geothermal energy.

  • Texas now has the country's largest collection of wind generators.

  • Iowa produces enough ethanol that, if consumed in-state, would meet half the state's gasoline requirements.

  • Just seven southwest states could provide 10 times the current electric generating capacity.

  • One-fourth of U.S. land area has winds powerful enough to generate electricity as cheaply as natural gas and coal. *Note, according to what we @ goodcommonsense are seeing WIND, w/o cost adjustments, is already the least expensive method of electricity production in the U.S. More on that in a future issue... (The United States led the world in wind energy installations in 2005.)

  • Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri understands. In June he approved an energy bill that encourages the use of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed energy systems. Governor Carcieri also signed a bill, which requires Public Energy Utilities to establish new energy efficiency standards for various consumer products.

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    IN THE NEWS...
    The covers of some of America's most trusted mainstream news magazines featured Environmental Awareness last month:

  • Scientific American - "Energy's Future ... Beyond Carbon"
    including the sub features: "cleaning up coal," "hopes for hydrogen," & "biofuels and renewables"

  • National Geographic - "Places We Must Save"
    including the sub features: "world parks at risk" & "the chemicals within us"

  • The Economist - "The Heat is On"
    An in depth story dedicated to the seemingly hopeless, near-term economic impacts of Climate Change

  • And, recent reporting on "Katrina - one year later" - is finally bringing the concept of ecological expense to the public dialogue (i.e. loss of: habitat, waterways, wildlife, soil biota, farmland, natural water breaks, and other environmental necessities). Over each of the last 10 years, the has US spent an average of $30B on cleaning up hurricane damage.

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    > Clinton Library is Green Built
    Speaking of Clinton ... his Presidential Library in Little Rock features state-of-the-art conservation systems for: water use, energy efficiency and indoor health quality. It's also got 64,350 kilograms (141,867 lbs) of glass - apparently the former president is big fan of natural light. The building achieved a SILVER rating from the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building evaluation tool. "Silver" is the second highest rating possible.

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    Dr. Marc Recommends:

    > influencing the business of tomorrow -
    "MIT's MANHATTAN PROJECT" - via wired magazine,71574-0.html?tw=wn_index_5

    > - "real climate science from real climate scientists."

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    New to The Good News
    Welcome this month: angelina, mark, panda, chris, steven, sue, dale, evelyn, rylander, susan, tim, bob, robert, mary, & jan.
    Thanks ya'll good people!

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    We had a Wonderful Time at The Renewable Energy Round Up in Fredricksburg last weekend, thanks to everyone involved, especially "The A Team": Sue, Don, Callie, Jarle & Casey!

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    Did you know? -- You can help solve the global warming issue TODAY. Just click on our link below to find nationwide links to home and office energy supply. This is the easiest to make a difference. Good Common Sense!

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