TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... July 31, 2006

This month's Good News!**

We're excited about Deep Geothermal Energy (DGE). That's right - you can power an entire state's electricity grid with this all-mighty geological resource... You can even power an entire country… Call your newspapers! Tell your congress people! Maybe they haven't heard, yet!

What is Deep Geothermal Energy and How Does It Work?
> Deep Geothermal Energy (DGE) is the enormous heat/energy by-product originating from the ever-churning, super-hot nucleus of our Earth. As heat rises from our Earth's nuclear core, HUGE amounts of subterranean 'waste heat' are released into her crust (about 10 to 40 miles below surface). This “geothermal,” heat/energy by-product can be captured and put to use spinning conventional turbine generators, thereby creating electricity for large-scale grid deployment.

Why Use It?
> According to the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal power plants already operating in today's United States keep 4.1 million tons of carbon dioxide, and hundreds of thousands of tons of other forms of air pollution out of our air - every year. It's an almost perfect, clean energy source and experts project that geothermal energy is ready-to-go across more than 80% of the Unites States.

So How Much Capacity is There?
> If just 2% of our DGE resources were developed, the total amount of power produced across the U.S. would be 2,800 TIMES GREATER than our projected national electricity consumption this year (2006)… Once more, pioneering research at Southern Methodist University's Department of Geological Sciences and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin CEED facility, estimates that the Earth's total available geothermal energy mass is 50,000 TIMES GREATER than the world's current total consumption of fossil fuels.


THE GOOD NEWS: Renewable for the next 4 to 5 billion years (!), capable of meeting incredibly large energy demands world-wide, less expensive than the cheapest fossil fuels, and infinitely less disruptive to the environment, Deep Geothermal Energy is a large scale, sustainable energy solution right under our feet. The infrastructure to distribute DGE already exists (via today's power grids). As a domestically harvested energy resource, DGE increases national energy security and improves environmental health. Finally, if the technology were to be integrated into our suite of known clean energy strategies (solar, wind, wave & efficiency) we could enjoy the same quality of life we depend on "tomorrow" - without negative environmental impacts - thereby beginning our journey of "making humans good for the planet.”

Let's do it!

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    **This month we have the distinctive pleasure of being joined by Maria Richards, PHD & Jarle Lillemoen, PHD - contributing writers to this article. Thanks ya'll.

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    (over 21 reasons to be glad)


    Americans "On The Page" - For Building Sustainable Energy Future asked users for their ideas on the best way to fuel America and break this country's dependence on fossil fuels. Reading through a sampling of our fellow Americans responses might suprise you -

    American Public Media's Sustainability Forum
    We say, "What is sustainability?" ... They say, "Don't eat your seed corn!"
  • Read more:

    Petroleum Move Over
    In Tucson, the Clean Cities Coalition reports displacing 3 million gallons of petroleum in 2005 with biodiesel, ethanol, hybrid electric vehicles, idle reduction strategies, and more. Nationally, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that the Clean Cities Coalitions have displaced over 251 million gallons of (dirty, polluting) petroleum.
    Contributed by Colleen Crowninshield - thanks Colleen & congratulations!
  • Please visit for more information.

    Deparment of Interior Proposes More Deep-Geothermal Energy Development
    The proposal also suggests sharing utility royalities with local counties, not just state and federal governments, an empowering innovation -- we hope.

    Federal Weatherization Funding Nears $100M
    "Save Money, Live More Comfortably, Eliminate Pollution, and Conserve Natural Resources" - that's good common sense! Learn more about these grants via two links:

    California to Double It's Deep Geothermal Capacity
    And ... California plans to have 20% of its electric power demands provided by renewables, come 2010.

    US Geothermal Builds 10MW Plant in Idaho
    The Raft River Geothermal Project will be located about 10 miles north of the Utah border and will sell its power to the Idaho Power Company. Capacity should provide for approximately 10,000 average American homes.

    American Architects and Mayors Call for Carbon Neutral Buildings by 2030
    Contributed by our friends at Austin Energy:


    Invest Now:
    Nth Power and Ernst & Young investment firms are reporting that clean energy markets grew to $40 billion in 2005 and are poised to expand fourfold to $167 billion by 2015...

    Trade Group Says US Geothermal Power Production Growing Fast
    New geothermal power projects in seven western states plus Alaska and Hawaii could significantly increase the U.S. production of electricity from geothermal resources, according to the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA).

    World Bank Banking on Wind
    "The World Bank is converting its huge Washington, D.C., office to 100 percent wind power. The amount of electricity involved equals that used by nearly 8,000 average homes. Switching the office from tradtional sources of electricity like coal and gas to wind will reduce annual carbon emissions by an estimated 60,000 tons, the equivalent of taking 10,000 cars off the road or planting 15,000 acres of trees."
  • taken from In Balance, newsletter of Issue No. 31, Spring 2005.

    New Solar Technology
    By CalTech & BP:

    US Natural Products Industry Grows to $51B in 2005
    Organic produce, packaged food, nutrition bars, cosmetics and pet foods are big winners..


    On a Growing Industry
    GEOTIMES: the Geothermal industry mag -

    New Green Lifestyle Network
    Brand new TV, blog, shopping, education, and more portal -

    Green Celebrities

    DOE Redesigns Web Site, Reflects New Focus
    2 years ago when this project was begun, secretary Abrams' priorities were burning coal (the #1 cause of global warming, acid rain & mercury pollution) and encouraging incentives for large, inefficient vehicle purchases. Recently we had occasion to revisit The US Department of Energy's website and were happy to see that under their new administrator, Secretary Bodman, their web page at least reflects, among other things, "energy efficiency" and "the environment." The world is changing...

    World Bank Creates Sustainable Development Unit
    Investing in micro banks and empowering third world economic development:

    The government of Sweden has pledged to be 100% oil free within the next 15 years. . .


    Starbucks recently announced plans to make its coffee cups from 100% post consumer recycled fibers...

    Seventh Generation
    Makers of low-tox cleaners, recycled paper supplies, better diapers -- as well as strong social health advocates, 7th Generation was recently awarded the "Best Corporate Citizen Award" by Big Business. Congrats guys! Thanks for showing everyone else how it's done.

    Wal-Mart recently signed on with the world's leading resource efficiency experts, The Rocky Mountain Institute, in effort to modernize & green their business practices.

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    Our intrepid laureate/scout has discovered news of a new, near cradle-to-cradle method of sustainable biodiesel production: Algae. Mm! Good & good for ya!
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    Janet Giles, Shannon Lowry, Chris Mole, & Mae Wallace. Thanks guys, welcome aboard!

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    Did You Know?
    YOU CAN HELP SOLVE THE GLOBAL WARMING ISSUE, TODAY. Just click on our "Switch to Clean Energy" link below to find nationwide access to links for home or office energy supply. Often times these programs provide consumers with fixed rates for a term of multiple years - which saves a you lot of money over the long term, and delivers cleanly fueled electricity to the grid -- in your name. Good Common Sense!

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    Dr. Marc Recommends: Algae-based Biodiesel

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