TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... May 31, 2006


It's getting easier to live a carbon neutral lifestyle! Products and services for eliminating and/or mitigating CO2 emissions are effortlessly becoming part of our daily conversations & choices. Today we introduce "carbon offsets." If you're concerned about Global Warming and your daily contributions to it, then consider visiting The Carbon Neutral Co. (links below) and purchasing ... well, trees! Doing so helps re-balance the Global Warming problem. Plus, it's easy and inexpensive.

The following is a list of sample CO2 Offset Products.

Sample List -

  • Carbon Neutral Flights
    > $14 - $69 (per trip)
    link below

  • Carbon Neutral Driving
    > $92 - $110 (annually)
    link below

  • Carbon Neutral Home
    > $147 per yr (3 bdrm house)
    link below

  • Carbon Neutral Business
    > various projects offered
    link below

    In addition to purchasing carbon "offsets," we stress the following - solving the larger problem of global warming & climate change depends upon our creating a "sustainable energy future." What is sustainable energy? - It's simple: clean fuels and efficient technology. That's all. Look to us for easy access to these sustainable lifestyle solutions. The Good News? ... It's all good news! Becoming Carbon Neutral is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:

    1. clean fuels
    2. efficient technologies
    3. carbon offsets

    Problem solved! A better world is here. "Let's do this!"
    (action links below)

    Other Carbon Neutral Website/Services
    Buy trees! Buy Wind! Help fund renewable energy projects in 3rd world communities! And most importantly - ABSORB THAT CO2! It's easy. It's on the web, and you've got choices. Here's 7 good outlets:


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    Have a great June!


    links, links, links
    more than 16 different links and tidbits
    to climate neutral success efforts around the world...

    1. Carbon Neutral City:
    Newcastle, Britain aims to be the first carbon neutral city in the world.

    2. Carbon Neutral World Cup, 2006
    This year, Berlin shows the world how it's done.

    3. Carbon Neutral Rock Bands, 1
    Dave Matthews recently offset all of the CO2 emissions related to summer touring by funding forestlands in Va. Pink Floyd offset carbon emissions directly related to the production of their most recent album with tree plantings, Coldplay planted 10,000 mango trees in India to offset the CO2 expense related to "XY."

    4. Carbon Neutral Rock Bands, 2
    What do Joe Strummer, Beth Ortron, David Gray, Dido, the Foo Fighters, Grandaddy, Iron Maiden, and the Super Furry Animals have in common? -- All dedicating trees and green spaces via

    5. Carbon Neutral Grocery Store
    Whole Foods Market now purchases enough clean energy & clean energy credits to offset its entire annual global warming contributions.

    6. Climate Neutral Supplements
    Read about the Shaklee company's newest initiative.

    7. British Petroleum Posts Carbon Calculator
    BP gets it. Visit their "carbon footprint" calculator.

    8. "Start Global Cooling!"
    The endlessly energetic Clif Bar company has taken up a groundbreaking co-marketing program called "Cool Tags." This is goodness of your heart stuff, folks and this company is true a champion of sustainability. Visit their website to learn more. In addition, Clif Bar is sponsoring various special events within notable concert & sporting festivals this year to further eliminate CO2 emissions (read: SXSW, Bonaroo, Escape from Alcatrazz Triathalon, and more) ...

    9. Greener Bonnaroo, 2006

    Of course this much anti-CO2 talk would be remiss without mention of our friends: Stop Global Warming dot Org. (They certainly aren't the only .org out there doing great work, by the way!) Please pay 'em a visit.

    11. Anti-atmospheric-pollution-ads take it to the streets
    Air quality is becoming a universal concern. Here's some of the more aesthetically interesting campaigns:
    > in singapore:
    > in chicago

    12. RECENT NEWS:
    "Former EPA Head Blasts bush On Global Warming"

    13. The 'Measure of our Mayors'
    Check out the work of these local leaders:
  • "If the US government continues to ignore the rest of the world on energy then it is time for all local leaders to speak out." -- Mayor John C. Rayson of Pompano Beach, Florida
  • "This is a matter of life and death for future generations and to this planet." -- Mayor John D. Medinger of La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • "We're very frustrated by the lack of national leadership... This is about the future of the planet." -- Mayor Will Wynn of Austin, Tx in TIME magazine
  • Also, read the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement --
  • And, visit Local Governments for Sustainability --

    14. Cooling the Planet with Deep Fryers
    The Boston-area eatery, the Deluxe-Town Diner, is reusing its cooking oil. And that's good. Owner Don Levy replaced his old heatinng systems with a boiler that runs on vegetable oil from his and neighboring restaraunts. The moves SLASHES heating costs and eliminates the need to dispost of waste oil. Burning vegetable oil also pollutes less and produces no net greenhouse gas emissions. Courtesy of "In Balance" magazine.

    15. invest now, item 1 -
    US Wind Energy breaking earnings records, year after year.

    16. invest now, item 2 -
    SolarWorld's earnings rise 122%...


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    Next Month: Parks! (yes, Parks!)


    And finally, especially relevant to this issue: Switch to Clean Energy!
    If you haven't already made the switch, we ask that you do so immediately. Taking this action is the single most positive thing you can do for the environment, the economy and our collective future. Please check our links (below). If clean energy is not available in your area, please consider investing in carbon offsets in the meantime. Thanks!


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    Carbon Neutral World Cup

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    Carbon Neutral Rock Bands

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    "Start Global Cooling!"

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    Stop Global Warming!

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    Clean Air Now - Singapore

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    US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

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    Switching To Clean Energy
    Switching To Clean Energy

    Pursuing safe, clean, green sources of energy!

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