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Save money and eliminate environmental impacts - 10 minutes at a time. This book provides 250 easy ways to make the difference. Cut heating and cooling costs, buy the best light bulbs, choose energy efficient curtains ... and more. Room by room and appliance by appliance, this book is full of easy to employ tips that make expensive utility bills a thing of the past.

Book is 6" x 6", 192 pages, soft cover, (c)2005.

Sample Tips
  • Replace your old storm door with a new one.
  • Buy plastic sheeting and cover drafty windows.*
  • Caulk around any old windows to prevent leaks.*
  • Lower the temperature on water heaters, also helps to prevent scalding!
  • Invest in down comforters and wool blankets; turn your heat down and sleep better.
  • Clean your microwave frequently. A clean microwave cooks faster than one with spills and splatters.
  • Open curtains when the sun comes up to let the sun�s energy in, but close them as soon as it gets dark to keep warm air indoors.

    Chapters Listing
  • Part I: Indoor Essentials: Chapter 1. Windows & Doors,* Chapter 2. Insulation,* Chapter 3. Appliances,* Chapter 4. Lighting,* Chapter 5. Plumbing*
  • Part II: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Advice: Chapter 6. Heating,* Chapter 7. Ventilation,* Chapter 8. Cooling*
  • Part III: Outdoor Savings: Chapter 9. Outdoors, Chapter 10. Automobiles*

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