MultiPure CB-VOC-SI Stainless Steel Inline Water Filter

The MultiPure CB-VOC-SI Stainless Steel Inline Water Filter is easy to set up and install directly into the water line so no diverters or faucets are needed. It can be attached to a cabinet wall below the sink; a mounting bracket is included. Typically inline units are used to filter water lines connected to icemakers, coffee machines, restaurant appliances and medical or laboratory equipment. Performance specifications and NSF certification are identical to our other CB-VOC above and below counter units.

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MultiPure Carbon Block drinking water systems achieved the highest performance ratings when tested and certified under NSF /ANSI Standard No. 42 and No. 53! What? You thought all water filters have more or less the same credentials? If only that were true. Actually, of over 5,000 devices tested against NSF/ANSI standards, only 20 models successfully removed the highest level of combined contaminants. All 20 are produced by MultiPureŽ the gold standard of carbon block water filtration.

The MultiPure CB-VOC-SI Stainless Steel Inline Water Filter System comes with the housing and CBTVOC filter, easy connector fittings, mounting bracket, user manual and performance data sheets with NSF certification. The optional acrylic base is sold separately. To see details about the CBTVOC replacement filter or learn more about our other NSF/ANSI certified water filtration systems, please see the links below.

Green Power Features
  • Lifetime Warranty On Housing
  • Requires No Electricity
  • Easy To Install & Maintain

    Performance Specs
  • Particulate retention size is 0.5 microns.
  • Flow rate is .75 gpm @ 60 psi.
  • Approximate service capacity of replaceable filter is 750 gallons.
  • Unit weighs 10 LB; 8.5" tall, body diameter is 5.75".
  • Tested and certified under NSF/ANSI Standard No. 42 and No. 53.

    Partial List Of Contaminants Removed By The MultiPure CB-VOC-SI Stainless Steel Inline Water Filter
  • Asbestos
  • Chloramine, Aesthetic
  • Chlordane
  • Chlorine, Aesthetic
  • Cysts (Giardia,Cryptosporidium,Entamoeba, Toxoplasma)
  • Lead & Mercury
  • MTBE
  • Particulate matter, Class I (0.5 micron)
  • PCB & Toxaphene
  • Turbidity
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals ("VOCs")including: Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Chlorobenzene, Dinoseb, Ethylbenzene, Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), Trichloroethylene, Trihalomethanes (TTHM) and dozens more. A complete list comes with the unit.

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    MultiPure CB-VOC-SI Stainless Steel Inline Water Filter CB-VOC-SI$342.00, 2/$616.00, 4/$1,108.00

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